Power anywhere


Made in the U.S.A.


Off-grid power



Everything Is Included… Assembles in Minutes.


Light-weight, works on all types of terrain.


No Digging…  No Concrete…  No Hassles.

Bull Dog Tough

Super Strong Composites… Built to Last and Made in USA!

Simple, Elegant, Scalable

Spin the SolarTub unit in place, or expand the window and get a close-up view of the SolarTub product in 3D.

SolarTubs & Panels.   That’s It. Everything you need is right there.

SolarTubs can withstand 110+ MPH…  Literally a Category 2 Hurricane.

SolarTubs sit directly on the ground… saving time, money and drastically reducing project risks.

Have a project in mind? Enter your location and power use to see how many SolarTubs you need!

SolarTub is Easy to Install

Farm Owner

“SolarTub is perfect for powering our 100+ irrigation wells scattered over our farmlands.”   Large CA Farming Co.

Solar Contractor

“SolarTub eliminates all our project risks.  Now we finish on-time, every-time!”     CA Contractor

Off-Grid Loads

“We used to run expensive and dirty diesel generators.  SolarTub does it at a fraction of the cost!”    CA Winery

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